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Police Work, Not War

On the day the elderbush invaded Iraq, Dr Sunshine telephoned his office and asked one of his assistants to relay to him that he was, in Dr Sunshine's judgment, the most evil person on the planet. It's unlikely that the elderbush received the message, and even if he did receive it he certainly didn't get the message, but Dr Sunshine stands by his judgment. Administering, as Nixon's CIA chief, the project that killed Allende, the elected leader of Chile, and replaced him by a murderous dictator (Pinochet) would have been enough, thank you, but needlessly killing hundreds of poor bastards in street shoes driving military convoys of trucks and tanks across the desert in Iraq and triggering the loss of millions of gallons of oil to conflagration in Kuwait (not to mention the resulting pollution) was beyond the pale.

Not much came of the elderbush invasion of Iraq other than that the rule of Kuwait was returned to an undeserving family of sheiks who had gotten it in the first place by schmoozing with Brits and Frenchmen after WWI, but as Dr Sunshine argued (without a trace left now that Dr Sunshine knows of unless it's in the microfiche records of whatever newspaper he sent his argument to) at the beginning of the Gulf War, it doesn't much matter which undeserving ruler we buy our oil from, be him sheik or dictator. In the end we were left with an unaugmented Iraq under Sadaam and a somewhat damaged Kuwait ruled by whoever the hell it was, but otherwise pretty much what we had before Sadaam guessed that he'd outsmarted the Americans and that they wouldn't bother saving a two-bit, made-up country like Kuwait. Pretty much a wash. Kind of any expensive one, but good television entertainment for the American people, probably worth the cost to most of them.

When the moron-o-bush invaded Iraq, Dr Sunshine argued that it didn't make much sense to take down a dictator we had put there in the first place, and that in any case, the perpetrators of 9-11 were better dealt with by good police work than by military invasion. As Dr Sunshine told his congressmen at the time, America would not bend, but that would eventually break, after a couple decades of fruitless mahem, and bring the troops home without doing any good. The congressman respectfully disagreed in his reply to Dr Sunshine's letter, but just about everyone (probably including the congressman, whether he would admit it or not) now agrees that while no good came of the invasion, a lot of bad did. Unfortunately for all concerned, it took us twenty years to come to our senses. The 9-11 attack was part of the retribution for our long history of misbehavior in the Middle East starting most egregiously in 1948. It seems fair to say that we pretty much had it coming. Now we have the Islamic State to deal with. That's what happens when you subject a population to grinding humiliation for a hundred years. They get mighty damn pissed off and come at you any way they can.

Now, after the Paris massacre, the French, the Germans, and the English have joined our bellicose chorus, thinking they are going to stop a bunch of thugs and the occasional upstanding citizen who just isn't going to take it anymore from going on rampages, a la San Bernadino. The probable outcome of all this Western war-making is that a great many more thugs and a few more upstanding citizens will be inspired to go on the rampage.

Police work is what we need. Very diligent, persistent, insightful, and clever-in-the-extreme police work, with at least a modicum of worldwide coordination and information sharing. Unfortunately, that's not what we're going to get. What we're going to get is what we have coming.

Dr Sunshine

Update, 12 May 2017: Zainab Ahmad, a federal prosecutor, has had considerable success in bringing terrorists to justice. Arguably, Ahmad has had more success fighting terrorism than the American military has had, and she has incurred millions of times less cost in lives and money. Tragically, the G.O.P., including especially the moron that the bloviator in chief installed as Attorney General, opposes her anti-terrorism efforts and those of her colleagues in the Department of Justice. No wonder they call the G.O.P. the party of dumb. When an ignorant electorate puts the party of dumb in charge, the result is what we now have: a lunacracy.

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