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Dog Whistle? We Don't Need No Stinking Dog Whistle!

The Republican Party has reduced itself to a gang that wears it's racism proudly. Nixon, Reagan, and all Republican presidential candidates since them (not to mention Republican legislators, governors, mayors, and dog catchers) employed racist strategies to win office, but disguised them so people not so inclined, or who did not like to think of themselves as so inclined, could imagine that the candidates were talking about something else (thinking, for example, that maybe the politicians really were talking about law and order rather than persecuting black citizens). Dog whistles. The dogs could hear them, but less senstive hearing systems didn't pick them up.

Trump has proved that people can at last just be themselves. No need for dog whistles. Just say straight out what you mean. This is a change in style, but not in substance. It's the same old Republican Party, just like your father's party 50 years ago, but without artifice. They're honest now. Maybe that counts for something, but it's pretty damn hard to celebrate.

Take it from a guy who really knows what he's talking about: Gary Younge, writing in The Nation.
For additional details (many of them, if you have the time), read the book by Ian Haney López.

Dr Sunshine

Update, 11 April 2016: Civil rights protests were unpopular in the 1960s, too.
Update, 3 August 2016: Elite whites have bamboozled white trash into doing the dirty work for over 300 years.

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