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Get Off Fossil Fuels in 10 Years Flat

Al Gore, Dr Sunshine, and some guy named Oberhaus, writing in Motherboard, think it's possible, with a WWII-level effort, for the entire world population to stop using fossil fuels in a decade. Benjamin Sovacool provides some well-documented evidence of the possibilities in a 14-page paper published in Energy Research & Social Science.

The Sovacool account is a sober, well considered assessment. It's not as exciting as the howling of the aforementioned trio, but evidence and careful thought contribute a lot to the discussion, once people are convinced of the importance of the issue. Bravo, Dr Sovacool! The paper does not entirely justify a ten-year transition, and it points out that the ten-year goal would be harder to accomplish, both technically and economically, in the developing world, but feasible in the places that account for almost all of the use of fossil fuels. Especially the USA, if only Americans had the political will.

Sovacool points out that rapid transitions of this nature in the past have occurred primarily in dictatorships or at least places with very strong, centralized government. So, it looks like the millennials are pretty much screwed, regardless of the theoretical possibilities, given the level massive ignorance and stupidity in the American electorate, stoked as it is by the monumental greed of the obscenely wealthy donor class that dominates the GOP.

Dr Sunshine

Update, 20 June 2016: Geothermal is practical all over the US (details). Why stay with fossil fuels?

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