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What Liberals Don't Understand about Kansas

Liberals marvel at how middle class white people in large numbers vote for Republicans, who regularly and with surgical precision make the lives of middle class people harder. Liberals think those voters must not realize that the Republican politicians they elect are giving them the shaft.

This underestimates the ability of middle class white people to figure out the effects of government policies. Of course they know that the government is screwing them, but they don't care. Why not? Because they also know that the government is doing an even more effective job of screwing people of color, and that's what matters to white people. As long as they can maintain their position of privilege over people of color, as long as they have someone to look down on and abuse with impunity, they are willing to suffer the abuse they receive from their overlords.

That is the genius of the Republican elites. They have worked this scam for a hundred years, so far, with increased efficiency since the time of Reagan, the great, racist telegrapher. Recently, white middle class voters have managed to make things even worse for themselves by electing an oligarch who means to install a Russian-style kleptocracy, moving government property of the greatest value into the hands of his family and the families of other favored oligarchs.

This privatization of public property will make it possible for the overlords to increase their exploitation of the rest of the population indefinitely, but as long as the overlords are careful to make things even worse for people of color than for white people, as long as they make it clear that white people, even if they are poor, have privileges that people of color do not have, the overlords will be able, with the assistance of their willing victims, the white middle class, to hold their grip on power.

Dr Sunshine

Update, 26 Mar 2017: Dr Sunshine is not the only one taking the hard line on hillbillies. Frank Rich has explained, in some detail, why Democrats should not waste their time pandering to the deplorable pack of bigots that comprise Trump's cadre of the poorly educated. Right on, Frank! We don't want to associate ourselves with these people. Let them take their miserable votes elsewhere. We have plenty of people who will vote for our values. More of them every day. Let's focus on them. Let's get them registered to vote, despite all the obstacles the Repugs throw in the way. Then, let's get them to the polls. Let's put millions of dollars into taxi fares and compensation, in some legal way, for wages lost while standing in long lines to vote, lines made shamefully long by the decisions of unspeakably despicable county clerks and secretaries of state who cut the number of voting stations in areas where Democrats live. Trump-addicted hillbillies are hopelessly lost. We don't need them. We don't want them. Let them rot in their own Oxycontin. Spend your time lifting up our own people, who are far from hopeless, who, to the contrary, are healthy, eager, and up for the fight.

Update, 24 May 2017: FiveThirtyEight has done some analysis confirming Frank Rich's claims that Democrats don't need Trump voters.

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