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Same Old South

Dr Sunshine recently watched, again, Inherit the Wind, the 1960 movie about the Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee in 1925. It is remarkable how well-preseved, until today, is the belligerent ignorance of the people of Tennessee, and of the whole South, for that matter, and given the recent election, most of central Pennsylvania, too. Probably they are even more ignorant, and almost certainly more belligerent, than they were nearly a hundred years ago.

Abraham Lincoln, just about everyone agrees (including Dr Sunshine), was a great man who did great works. In hindsight, though, it seems clear that the both the slaves and the North would have been better off if Lincoln had just let those ignorant deplorables secede. A little investment in the Underground Railroad could have broken the backs of the slavers and run the entire region into the ground along the way. It would have been cheaper than the Civil War. And besides, it would have had the tremendous advantage of not saddling the Union with the burden of such a backward and despicable population ensconced it the electorate, not to mention the flow of tax dollars, today, from the rest of the country into the supplicant states of the Confederacy.

A person doesn't want to come down on Lincoln too hard, of course, but it would have been just grand if he had foreseen the long-term outcome and taken a different course.

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