We provide comprehensive health and wellness

for active, health-conscious individuals.

OC Sports & Wellness (OCSW) is committed to helping its patients realize their personal health goals and fitness objectives as they optimize their life balance. As a patient-centered primary care clinic, we seek to develop personal and professional relationships with our patients as they attain – and then maintain – better health habits. OC Sports & Wellness takes an integrative approach to healthcare by offering a range of health services in family practice, sports medicine, preventive medicine, nutrition, and hormone therapy. Our patients find value in our long-term health and wellness approach and consider us a partner in the optimization of their health and lifestyle.

Whether you want to lose weight, better control your blood pressure, or seek to obtain championship form, OC Sports & Wellness will partner with you to achieve your personal vision of health, wellness, and vitality.

Our Philosophy

At OC Sports & Wellness, our objective is to practice medicine that is inspired and innovative, yet compassionate and consistent.

We strive to meet these goals in the following ways:


We aspire to instill confidence and perspective in our patients to optimize their personal health. Our patients quickly see that we practice what we preach, genuinely care about their health, and are continually seeking ways to provide the highest quality care.


We are always looking to improve the programs and service level we offer. Patients should never feel they are receiving outdated care, and that is why we always strive to clearly communicate the innovations we are working on every day. The more innovative our care is, the more value we can deliver, and the more satisfied our patients will be. 


Our organization is highly professional and relentlessly focused on delivering a repeatable and dependable service experience for our patients. Focusing on care delivery as our product is uncommon in medicine but an integral part of how we practice.


We love what we do and we hope it shows in the way we provide care for our patients. We enjoy spending time with you, getting to know about your life, meeting your needs, exceeding your expectations, and fostering a long-term relationship with you.

Our Partners and Affiliations

Why OC Sports and Wellness?


Orange County Sports and Wellness clinic is committed to helping their patients unlock their potential as they realize their own personal health goals. We seek to develop personal and professional relationships with our patients as they attain, and maintain, an optimal balance between their fitness, business, and personal lives.

Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not OC Sports and Wellness is right for you.